Professional Southport based Window Cleaners

Who Are We?

A family run business with absolute focus on service and professionalism. We want to impress you and will deliver a clean that will leave your home or business in sparkling form. We have extensive experience in the cleaning industry and a professional ‘can do’ attitude – if we say we will be with you on Tuesday at 9am we will be with you on Tuesday at 9am. We carry full public liability insurance and happy to supply a copy on request, we are based in Ainsdale, Southport and cover the South Ribble and West Lancashire area. We care about the little detail and love what we do so can guarantee you will be delighted with the results. Our Name is Our Reputation!

Pure Water Fed Pole Cleaning

Pure Water Window Cleaning eliminates the need for use of detergents so is environmentally friendly. Pure water absorbs dirt from windows , frames and sills much more effectively than the old traditional method giving you a much more thorough clean. There is no detergent residue left on your windows and as a result attracts much less dust & grime. Pure water cleaning is a tried and tested modern method, we are able to clean in the rain and there is reduced risk of damage to property as well as increased privacy..

About Gleam Windows

Is There Anything More Important Than Trust?

We don’t take our duties and responsibilities likely. When visiting your home or business we understand that discretion, security, safety and privacy is absolute paramount and so rest assured we will conduct ourselves impeccably. On some of our cleans customers give us access to certain areas via keys and passcodes and over the years many clients have become good friends as our relationship and trust develops. We won’t let you down..

What Are You Waiting For?
Window Cleaning Rating 94%

Don’t Cancel Your Window Cleaning Appointment

You may live in the “Goldilocks” climate where the weather is not too hot or too cold, but here in the North West we don’t. . Some people ask, “Why do you plan on cleaning windows if it‘s just going to rain afterwards?” It’s not the rain that makes your windows dirty, it’s the dirt that gets them dirty. And what about those water spots? The dissolved solids in the tap water from your garden hose WILL spot windows, but rain WON’T spot your windows. When the windows are clean, the rain simply runs off and the windows will remain clean.

Cleaning Windows In The Rain..

Can we clean in the rain? Yes rain water is pure water and does not contain the same amount of calcium and dissolved minerals as the water that comes out of your tap. Windows are designed to utilise rainfall and sunshine – it’s a complete myth that you can’t. A dirty window comes from factors like dust, pollen, traffic, pollution and bird droppings, which causes raindrops to cling to the already dirty and dusty windows. Keeping a regular upkeep, rain or shine, will ensure that your windows maintain a fantastic condition and gleam for longer. Our biggest battle is the wind, if it’s a wild Southport day then we have to consider the safety aspect.

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